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Indonesia confirms Biogas oportunities in Palm Oil

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Biogas China Forum | 8-9 September 2016, Chengdu, China

In cooperation with the Biogas Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, China, ICESN is pleased to put together the BIOGAS CHINA FORUM 2016, that will be held on the 8 – 9 September 2016, in Chengdu, China.

This exclusive forum will bring together over 200 stakeholders in the biogas value chain in China, including government officials, agro-industrial, animal husbandry owners, EPCs, and technology providers over 2 days to look at the state of development of biogas in China and advance commercial biogas opportunities.

Join us if you are looking for concrete opportunities to expand your biogas business in China.


With a new masterplan in place, upgraded biogas, or biomethane is taking center stage in China’s waste management and energy security policies. Companies are sitting up and taking note and there is an increased interest from the agriculture and animal husbandry industry to build biomethane facilities. Government subsidies, which include infrastructure subsidies of RMB 2,500 for every cubic meter of biomethane produced, an adder for every cubic meter of biomethane and state, provincial and city based subsidies on top of the national ones, the prospects for development in China is extremely bright.

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Waste To Energy And Biogas Thailand Forum 2016  | 24-25 November 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Waste To Energy And Biogas Thailand Forum 2016 | 24-25 November 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

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The Biogas Asia Pacific Forum provides a unique opportunity to meet the key players of the biogas and biogas upgrading industries in the Asi...
Dr. Fabien Cabirol, Evonik Industries
On behalf of the German Biogas Association I would like to thank the organizer for inviting us to the 3rd Biogas Asia Pacific Forum in Malay...
Clemens Findeisen, German Biogas Association
FORNOVO GAS is a European leader in the compression of Biogas and Biomethane. The first project done in such application was ten years ago i...
Federico Tosi, Business Developer, EMEA FORNOVO GAS
The Forum has allowed us to learn more about the biogas developments in the region and has also allowed us to network with other industry pr...
Ismael Japakiya, Precise Power Producer Co.
We have found that the Biogas Asia Pacific Forum has helped us keep relevant in a time when technological innovations are abundant. It would...
Dr. Ir. Kumaran Palanisamy, Center For Renewable Energy, Universiti Tenaga Nasional
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