DECENTRALIZED ENERGY & CO-GENERATION FORUM | Manila, Philippines, 13-14 February 2017

The Philippines suffers from chronic power shortages and one of the world’s most expensive energy cost. Yet, what most people do not realized is that the central power systems that are being used in the Philippines is highly inefficient, utilizing less than 20% of the energy that is available in the fuel that is being burnt. The wider use of Decentralized Energy is a key solution to bringing about the cost-effective modernization and development of Philippines’ energy systems. Existing de...

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Dr. Fabien Cabirol, Evonik Industries

The Biogas Asia Pacific Forum provides a unique opportunity to meet the key players of the biogas and biogas upgrading industries in the Asia Pacific region. SEPURAN Green Cartridge system developed by Evonik has generated a high level of interest as the industry moves to maximize the value of biogas by upgrading to Biomethane. This further contributes to lowering the carbon footprint and promoting the adoption of sustainable practices in the industry.

Clemens Findeisen, German Biogas Association

On behalf of the German Biogas Association I would like to thank the organizer for inviting us to the 3rd Biogas Asia Pacific Forum in Malaysia. It has been a very professional and fruitful event. We hope that Biogas will boom in the region and we are glad to be able to share the “German” Biogas experience. A lot lessons have been learned using biogas technology and there is no need to start from scratch again. Together, with partnerships and approved technology biogas can play an important role...

Federico Tosi, Business Developer, EMEA FORNOVO GAS

FORNOVO GAS is a European leader in the compression of Biogas and Biomethane. The first project done in such application was ten years ago in Iceland and after that the quality of our systems and the performances of our compressors has been required in other countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and UK. For this reason we have attended at Biogas Asia Pacific forum in Kuala Lumpur on april 28th and 29th. The conference was very interesting, because gave us an update picture of the situation in ...