BIOGAS AFRICA FORUM 2017 | Nairobi, Kenya, 20 – 21 July 2017


Back for the 2nd Year, the BIOGAS AFRICA FORUM 2017 is held in partnership with GIZ and seeks to promote the development of the biogas sector in Africa as a solution to their clean energy, clean cooking and waste management needs. Biogas, and its associated treatment technologies and processes, is truly one of the most versatile and useful renewable energy developments with today’s technology and could provide a revolution to the energy and water needs of Africa. The BIOGAS AFRICA FORUM 2017 will bring together the players from across the biogas value chain in Africa. From policy makers and government officials learning about sane policies and rules that will govern the industry, to owners of plantations, mills and factories learning about how much investing into biogas projects is going to make them, this conference is for everyone looking to entering and thriving in this industry.

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