Federico Tosi, Business Developer, EMEA FORNOVO GAS

FORNOVO GAS is a European leader in the compression of Biogas and Biomethane. The first project done in such application was ten years ago in Iceland and after that the quality of our systems and the performances of our compressors has been required in other countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and UK. For this reason we have attended at Biogas Asia Pacific forum in Kuala Lumpur on april 28th and 29th. The conference was very interesting, because gave us an update picture of the situation in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand where our brand is not yet well known. Thanks to this conference we knew some key players of this new industry in South East Asia and we hope to close a first project within the end of 2015. We are also member of the Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance because we believe is the best way to drive and follow up the development of this industry in South East Asia.

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